The Fine Arts Committee of the college is always vibrant with activities. Students interested in fine arts are identified as soon as they enter the portals of the college and they are motivated to perform well. The Fine Arts Club caters to those students who have an aptitude for music or other fine arts. Students are encouraged to participate in inter collegiate and other competition in fine arts. Students regularly participate in inter-collegiate and university level cultural meets, besides taking part in special day celebrations and in intra-mural competitions.


  • Develop and demonstrate skills in critical and analytical thinking through effective speaking, writing, and performing on topics in the fine arts.
  • Create, perform, and experience work in a variety of art forms with a high level of comprehension and appreciation.
  • To bring the latent talents of the students to lime – light.

Some of the events that were held under the fine arts club in recent past are:

  • Solo singing & Solo dance
  • Group Dance & Fashion Show
  • Face Painting
  • Rangolli

Staff Coordinators

  • Mrs.J.Srimathi
  • Dr.V.Mohana Sundaram